Pests and diseases, climate change, and dwindling resources affect food production and security. This has greatly driven research and development in agriculture and food science in many countries, developing technology that is more efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable. 

To strengthen our professional standing and to expand our research network in agriculture and food research, the Centre for Agriculture and Food Research (CAFR) is established in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman to lead excellent and innovative research and development in sustainable food production.


Sustainable and Secure Food Production 
Through Diverse and Innovative Agri-Food Research


  • To form a leading centre of excellence for research and development in agriculture and food science.
  • To encourage the development of innovative research in agriculture and food security for sustainable and food production.
  • To create and provide knowledge on agriculture and food research to farmers, food producers, government agencies and industries that are involved in agriculture and food in order to increase their productivity and sustainability.


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Details of the event. Register HERE.

Congratulations to the CAFR Logo Competition Winners!

Second Prize
Lai Yu Liang

First Prize
Ho Hao Zhe

Third Prize
Lim Xin Ru