No Project Leader Members Project Titles Funding amount (RM) Funding Agencies Start Date
1 ChewCH Chew CH Effect Of Lauric Acid On Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Secretion And Macrophage Polarization In Insulin Resistance Thp-1 Macrophages, RM 52600 UTARRF 20/12/2016
2 Lim Boon Hoe Lim Boon Hoe, Wong Hann Ling, Tey Lai Hock, Neo Kian Eang, Ong Ching Ang Enhancement of carbon dioxide capture through genetic engineering in Escherichia coli 63,000 UTARRF 20/12/2016
3 Dr Goh Wei Lim Dr. Lai Koon Chun (FEGT), the 5th Earl of Cranbrook (Micropathology Ltd. UK) Diet analysis and foraging behaviour of the house-farm swiftlets (Apodidae, Collocalinii) in Malaysia 54,205 UTARRF 20/12/2016
4 Dr Chang Ying Ping Dr Lee Kok Chang, Dr Woo Kwan Kit Guava Waste Valorization Through Biochemical Treatments 55,000 UTARRF 20/12/2016
5 Chee Huei Phing External (Sunila R.S., Ong Y.C.) Effectiveness of a supplement containing alpha-S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate and L-Theanine on sleep disorder, DASS scores (Depression, anxiety, stress scale) and blood pressure among Malaysian population RM5,100.00 and in-kind products External 1/11/2016
6 Teh Lai Kuan Dr Loo Keat Wei ; Prof Dr. Elizabeth George Association of foetal haemoglobin levels (HbF) with genetic modifiers in β-thalassaemia carriers with Filipino βº-deletion 76000 UTARRF 1/10/2016
7 Chee Huei Phing External (Choo, S.H., Ong Y.C., Zulfitri AMD) Effectiveness of plant sterol consumption on cardiometabolic parameters among patients with metabolic syndrome. RM2,500.00 and in-kind products External 5/9/2016
8 Wong Wey Lim Wong WL, Loo Keat Wei
Effects of seaweed extracts on the survival and gut microbiota of the whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus
vannamei infected by the early mortality syndrome (EMS) pathogen, Vibrio parahaemolyticus
RM 80,500 UTARRF 1/9/2016
9 Silvara Junus Tey Lai Hock, Kwong Phek Jin, Gideon Khoo Development of captive broodstock protocol for Holothuria scabra through indoor conditioning RM 4,000 External - SE Aquatech Sdn. Bhd. 1/9/2016
10 ChewCH ChewCH, ChooQC, Prof Dr.Tengku Sifzizul Tengku Muhammad Elucidation of the effect of lauric acid on mitochoondrial dysregulation in insulin-resistant macrophages 114200 FRGS (MOHE) 1/8/2016
11 ChewCH ChewCH, ChooQC, Prof Dr. Tsay Huey-Jen (NYMU), WongHK In Vivo Eluation of Ithe effects of cocus nucifera milk on adipogenesis 77000 UTARRF 1/7/2016
12 Dr. Ooi Ai Lin Prof. Chong Ving Ching (UM), Dr. Chew Li Lee (UCSI), Dr. Teoh Chaiw Yee The Effects of Anthropogenic Impacts in Klang Strait on Feeding Ecology of Larval Fish 38,000 UTARRF 1/7/2016
13 Dr. Shit Chong Seng Dr. Chai Tsun Thai, Dr. Wong Fai Chu Evaluation of anti-biofilm property of tempeh and its application against dental plaque formation. 47000 UTARRF 1/7/2016
14 Dr. Chee Huei Phing External (Ong Y.C.) Effectiveness of black bean vinegar consumption in alleviating constipation RM700.00 and in-kind products worth approximately RM5,040 External (Eu Yan Sang) 4/4/2016
15 Dr Sim Kooi Mow Ms Teo Kah Cheng Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 1, 2, 4-Triazolo [3, 4-b]-1, 3, 4-Thiadiazines 59,000 UTARRF 1/2/2016
16 Dr. Loo Keat Wei Dr. Nor Ismaliza An integrative network analysis of DNA methylation data for ischemic stroke 43580 UTAR 1/2/2016
17 Neo KE Neo Kian Eang , Dr. Dileep Kumar, Dr. Sim Yoke Leng Influence of Dicationic Gemini/Conventional Surfactants on Ninhydrin-Amino Acids/Peptides and their Metal Complexes Reaction RM 90000 UTARRF 1/2/2016
18 Prof. Dr. Chong Ving Ching (Universiti of Malaya) Co-researcher, Dr. Wong Wey Lim, Dr. Jillian Ooi Lean Sim, Dr. Lee Choon Weng, Dr. Rozainah Bt Mohamad Zakaria. Biofouling mechanisms of larval stalked barnacles 43,000 University of Malaya Research Grant 8/1/2016
19 Dr. Ong Siew Teng Dr. Michelle Ng Yeen Tan Combination and optimization of sorption and photodegradation processes for various dyes removal 20,000.00 MTSF 1/1/2016
20 Chang Ying Ping  Chang Ying Ping (co-researcher) Protective Roles of Leaves' Anti-oxidative Enzymes in Chloroplastic Electron Transport 20,000 MTSF 15/12/2015
21 Yeoh Loo Yew Chang Ying Ping (co-researcher) Protective Roles of Leaves' Anti-oxidative Enzymes in Chloroplastic Electron Transport 20,000 MTSF 15/12/2015
22 Teoh Chaiw Yee Ong Mei Kying Assessment on the effects of dietary fatty acids on growth performance, health statys and characterization of the final eating quality of marble goby, Oxyeleotris marmoratus 90,700 UTARRF 2/11/2015
23 Say Yee How Say Yee How, Chew Choy Hoong Investigation of angiogenin – organophosphate pesticide interaction in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) microglial activation 148100 MOHE FRGS 2/11/2015
24 Kunasundari Balakrishnan Lye Huey Shi, K. Sudesh kumar a/l c. Kanapathi pillai, Zarina Bt Zakaria Identification of new cellulolytic bacterial strains from tropical mangrove soil 98200 FRGS (MOHE) 1/11/2015
25 Dr. Loo Keat Wei Dr. Nor Ismaliza Basic molecular mechanism of ischemic stroke via DNA methylation and mRNA profiling 186205 MOHE 1/11/2015
26 Dr. Wong Wey Lim Dr. Seyedeh Fatemeh Afzali Effect of tropical herbal extracts against Aphanomyces invadans on epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) infected fish 65,500 UTARRF 1/9/2015
27 Tan Ji  Yu Chew Hock, Joseph Koh Kok Hong
Systematics and Biodiversity of Orb-Weaver
Spiders (Araneae; Arachnida) in Selected
Agroecosystems in Peninsular Malaysia.
60,500 UTAR 1/9/2015
28 Loo Joo Ling Tang Pek Yee Study on the Effect of Partial Substitution of Dietary Fishmeal on the Gut Microflora and Protein Expression of Juvenile Malaysian Mahseer (Tor tambroides) 77,500 UTAR 1/9/2015
29 Chew Choy Hoong ChooQc Lim WS
Elucidation of the effect of lauric acid on key regulatory genes of insulin resistance and insulin
signaling pathway.
60000 UTARRF 1/8/2015
30 Dr. Loo Keat Wei Dr. Nor Ismaliza DNA methylation analysis of NINJ2, PITX2, TWIST 1 Genes among Ishemic Stroke Patients 83981 UTAR 1/8/2015
31 Tey Lai Hock Lim Boon Hoe, Wong Hann Ling, Neo Kian Eang Isolation, Identification and Characterization Potential Microalgae Strains for Leachate Treatment 63,000 UTAR 1/8/2015
32 Alan Ong Han Kiat Alan Ong Han Kiat, Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud & Gideon Khoo Identification of areas of occurrence, census, and genetic diversity using microsatellite markers of Tomistoma schlegelliin Penisular Malaysia 93810 UTARRF 1/8/2015
33 Mohammod Aminuzzaman
Dr Chee Swee Yong, UTAR,FSC, Collaborators
 Dr Yamuuna A/P Munuasmy, UTAR,FEGT, Collaborators
 Prof IR Dr Tee Tiam Ting
Studies on mechanical and surface properties of natural rubber latex reinforced with nanomaterials 60289 TOP GLOVE SDN BHD 1/6/2015
35 Dr. Sim Yoke Leng Dr. Tey Lai Hock Optimization of Lipids Yield of Freshwater Microalgae via Leachate Treatment. 56,000 Internal Grant - UTAR 1/4/2015
36 Wong Hann Ling Loh Pek Chin, Tee Chong Siang
Identification of the positive
regulators of OsRac4, a
disease susceptibility factor in
92000 UTARRF 1/2/2015
37 Tan Jiunn Luh Prof Peter Ooi, Dr. Gideon Khoo A survey of the practices and problems faced by Nightshade (Solanaceae) Growers in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia with Emphasis of the Effect of Pesticides on Thrips 15000 Malaysia Toray Science Foundation 1/1/2015
39 Dr. Ng Chew Hee Yip Foo Win, Neo Kian Eang, Tan Kong WAi, Er Hui Meng, Ooi Ing Hong Novel AuNP-{linker-[Zn(II)(FL-ligand)(aa)x}(NO3)m}n conjugates: synthesis, characterization and factors affecting their properties 135000 FRGS 1/1/2015
40 Sim Kheng Yuen Liew Jeng Young, Seri Intan (FIAT, UMK) Evaluation of submerged fermentation in producing maitake (Grifola frondosa) mycelia with potential Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activities RM 69,000 EXTERNAL RAGS-KPT 1/1/2015