No Project Leader Members Project Titles Funding amount (RM) Funding Agencies Start Date
1 Dr. Sim Yoke Leng Dr. Teoh Chaiw Yee, Dr. Lawrence M. Pratt Identification, Characterization and Comparison of Extracted Fish Oil (Crude and Refined Oils) Fatty Acid Contents from Latescalcarifer (Asian Seabass) Wastes via Chemical Extraction RM47,000.00 UTARRF 20/12/2018
2 Dr. Tey Lai Hock Dr. Sim Yoke Leng and Dr. Mohammod Aminuzzaman and Dr. Lim Boon Hoe Investigate the combined methods of filtration, copper oxide nanoparticles and microalgae on palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment.
RM 42,500 UTARRF 20/12/2018
3 Dr Loh Pek Chin Dr Wong Hann Ling
Molecular Characterization of Microbes from a Biofertilizer and its Improvement for the 
Control of the Basal Stem Rot (BSR) Disease in Oil Palm
RM266,560.00 External grant 16/7/2018
4 Dr Wong Hann Ling Dr Loh Pek Chin Identification and Characterization Beneficial Microbes from a Foliar Fertilizer for the Enhancement of Crop Productivity   RM140,000.00 External grant 16/7/2018
5 Yap Moh Lan Sit Nam Weng Development of zika nucleocapsid-like particle as a vaccine candidate against zika virus RM 59,000 UTARRF 1/7/2018
6 Kuan Chee Hao Saw Seow Hoon, Yap Moh Lan
Survival and biofilm formation of Listeria monocytogenes on food contact surfaces and 
application of potential strategies to prevent food contamination
RM 58, 500 UTARRF 1/7/2018
7 Chang Chew Cheen
Dr. Sim Kooi Mow, 
Dr. Lim Tuck Meng
Electrochemical reactions of flavonoid
derivatives and evaluation of antibacterial activity
RM 15, 000 UTARRF 1/7/2018
8 Dr. Loo Keat Wei Dr. Cheah WK, Dr. Irene Looi, Professor Lyn Griffiths, Dr. Teh Lai Kuan Meta-analysis and molecular characterization of ABO gene among ischemic stroke patients RM49100 UTARRF 1/7/2018
9 Dr Leong Siew Yoong Dr. Loo Joo Ling
Modulated fish meal with biomass of Black Soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) prepupae as alternative
aquaculture feed for Marble goby (Oxyeleotris marmorata)
RM45,200.00 UTARRF 1/7/2018
10 Dr Chew Choy Hoong Dr Choo Quok Cheong Molecular regulation of ADAMTS-5 by IL-17 and its signal transduction pathway in human monocytes THP-1 cells. RM40,960 UTARRF 1/1/2018
11 Esther Thou Dr Chew Choy Hoong Molecular regulation of ADAMTS-5 by IL-17 and its signal transduction pathway in human monocytes THP-1 cells. RM30,000 MTSF 1/1/2018
12 Dr Eddy Cheah Dr Phoon Lee Quen Upper Respiratory Carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Neisseria meningitidis: A Survey on Their Prevalence and Risk Factors in the Kampar District, Malaysia RM60,100 UTARRF 1/12/2017
13 Tong Pei Sin Dr Lim Tuck Meng, Dr Wu Ming Chu Agricultural community and weed composition in two most planted crops in Malim Nawar, Perak RM1,150 UTARRF 1/12/2017
14 Say Yee How Chee Huei Phing Association of Umami Taste Receptor Geve Variants With Protein Eating Behaviour, Obesity And Serum Uric Acid RM45,500 UTARRF 1/12/2017
15 Chan Mun Yee  Dr. Sim Yoke Leng, Dr Tee Chong Siang Treatment of landfill leachate using Electro-Assisted Phytoremediation (EAPR) system RM 20,000.00 UTARRF 1/12/2017
16 Dr Wong Hann Ling Dr Loh Pek Chin
Development of a High Performance Agrobacterium Vector System for Plant Genetic
RM50,000.00 UTARRF 1/12/2017
17 Dr Loh Pek Chin Dr Wong Hann Ling
Virulence study of bacteria that cause leaf blight disease in rice plants and the isolation of 
their bacteriophages as biocontrol agents
RM 66,000 UTARRF 1/11/2017
18 Mr. Yow Taw Oon Dr. Beh Woan Lin A Study on Aesthetic Medicine Market RM3,000 CENSE 1/9/2017
19 Phuah Eng Tong Ali Yassoralipour, Lai Oi Ming, Lee Yee Ying Enzymatic Extraction of Virgin Coconut Oil in the Packed Bed Reactor RM 45,500 UTARRF 1/9/2017
20 Kokila Thiagarajah Sit NW, Chee HP Effect of alpha-s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate and L-theanine on insomnia RM 28,500 UTARRF 1/7/2017
21 Lee Hwang Sheng (UTAR) Loo Joo Ling Capturisation of Naturally Generated Electrons in Water Using Advanced Principle of Reversed Electric Motor Method RM 100,000 FRGS 1/7/2017
22 Dr. Kwong Phek Jin Dr. Tan Gim Cheong
Potential of agarophyte Gracilaria changii extract in ameliorating infertility 
due to oxidative stress induced by bis-phenol A on murine model
RM 45,300 UTARRF 1/7/2017
23 Mr. Sia Bik Kai Dr. Beh Woan Lin A Preliminary Study on the Belt and Road (also known as One Belt One Road) Issues in Malaysia RM6,000 MCA 1/7/2017
24 Goh Wei Lim G. Khoo Study of Historic Swiftlet Research Materials and Skin Specimens in Europe RM5,000 Tinggi Foundation 1/6/2017
25 Dr. Ong Mei Kying Dr. Ong Ching Ang, Dr. Chai Tsun Thai Studies of sialic acids and nutritional composition of slimes from Malaysian gastropods 54,500 UTARRF 1/3/2017
26 Goh Wei Lim K.C. Lai Spatial ecology of the white-nest swiftlets: comparing wild and house-farmed colonies RM5,715 External - Idea WIld 1/3/2017
27 Lai Soon Oon Sim Jia Huey, Steven Lim, Thiam Hui San, Pang Yean Ling, Sumathi Quality Improvement of Colour and Odor in the Long Fiber Produced using empty Fruit Bunches RM16,300 External 1/2/2017
28 Chee Huei Phing External Effectiveness of proposed dietary plan using tocotrienols-enriched oil as the principal source of fat on cardio-metabolic parameters among patients with metabolic syndrome RM4,060.00 and in-kind products External 1/1/2017
29 Tan Ji Tan J, Ong CA Molecular taxonomy of spiny-backed orb-weavers (Araneae; Araneidae) and related genera in Peninsular Malaysia RM 25,000 External- TORAY 1/1/2017