Chairperson's Message

Assist Prof. Dr. Tan Yen Nee

“Promotion of innovative multidisciplinary research, product development and training of personnel in priority areas to steer local industries towards the sustainable utilization of natural resources are at the forefront of our activities. We intend to achieve this by growing our research capabilities through smart partnerships with local and foreign collaborators from both academia and industry”

The ever-growing population of the world has garnered attention towards more sustainable and innovative approaches to increase food production in a smart and safe manner. Malaysia, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, provides many natural untapped resources which can potentially solve the global food crisis. 

The Centre for Agriculture and Food Research (CAFR) is one of the active research centres in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia. We intend to serve as a catalyst to bridge the gap between education and industry. We always look forward to establishing smart partnerships with local and international organisations to spur the dynamic growth of the research centre in all related disciplines.

“Sustainable and secure food production through diverse and innovative agri-food research”

Thank you .