Herbs webinar: Sustainable and contemporary practices

Date : 27 November 2020

Time: 9.30am to 1.00pm

      Venue : Zoom & Facebook live 

This webinar had attracted 206 participants (32 public, 55 UTAR staff, and 119 students) attended through zoom and facebook live view at 2711 reached and 1K views (dated till 02.12.2020). This webinar consisted of five talks from six speakers. Dr. Sheri-ann Tan from TARUC had shared on the Integration of traditional knowledge of herbal practitioners with modern scientific techniques in the discovery of novel drug molecules which could also prevent the generational loss of ancient wisdom. Dr. Teh Lai Kuan from DAHS, UTAR had shared on the Potential of Herbs as a means of prevention during the COVID-19 crisis.  While Dr. Annaletchumy from DAHS, UTAR had discussed on the epidemiology, associated factors and the predictors of use of herbs as well as the diversity of herbs used among people with chronic diseases. Mr. Chung Kok Heung from Foods Step Enterprise had shared how to plan & prepare a meal in 5 minutes according to My Healthy Plate (Suku-suku Separuh) with the use of herbs & spices to boost the immune system.  Miss Leong May Ho and Miss Yong Yii Ping were from Faculty of Health and life sciences, INTI international university. They had discussed how to sustain herbs for our surroundings and experiences on setting up a herbal garden in INTI International University Nilai campus, also to highlight the medicinal function of some natural herbs, and the impact of these herbs on our society usage. 

Caves and Karsts in Perak: Archaeological and Natural Heritage

Date: 21 November 2020
Time: 10 am-12.30 pm
Venue: Zoom and Facebook Live

This webinar was aimed to to deliver knowledge on the archaeological and natural heritage of caves and karsts in Perak. This webinar also hoped to raise public awareness on the caves and karsts conservation in Perak. The invited speakers, Mr Lim Tze Tshen from the Palaeontological Society of Malaysia and Mr. Shaiful Shahidan from the Universiti Sains Malaysia have shared their valuable knowledge and experience on their area of expertise with the participants. This event was moderated by Mr Tou Jing Yi from UTAR. 

2nd Webinar On Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy     2020

Date : 12th September 2020

Time : 9: 00 am – 5: 00 pm

Venue : Zoom

Workshop on Advanced Scanning Electron Microscope 2019 (WASEM 2019) was a successful programme attended by staffs and UTAR students. Hence, there was a plan to conduct the WASEM 2020 in the form of workshop. However due Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop transformed to webinar. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is a new platform in UTAR, and the webinar was conducted for sharing the advanced techniques of SEM and the applications in the nano-bio sciences research. The webinar addressed both fundamental science and cutting-edge technologies of SEM. Furthermore, the webinar overall covered SEM's  working principle, sample preparation techniques, qualitative and quantitative analytical tool, acquire informative electron that minimise artefacts and emphasise features of interest as well as Nano-bio sciences research applications.

Agriculture Technology Webinar: Translating plant science into food security

Date: 25 Aug 2020 

Time: 2 pm - 4 pm 

Venue:          Zoom 

The online talks were given by Prof. Dr. Minoru Murata and Prof. Dr. Wan Galis, with the aims to:

1. Discuss on the importance of plant biology in improving food production to avoid food crisis

2. Delivery knowledge on crop protection